Sustainability Consulting - Our Three Legged Stool


Tree of Life

We focus on solutions that incorporate all three legs of true sustainability. In the people area we find ways to make Maslow's pyramid easier to understand. All people need good health, habitation, nutritional food and shared respect. We show paths to build these essential areas at work and within communities. This cornerstone defines the speed and depth of your success on the path to true sustainability. 


Tree of Life

Sustainable paths for our planet involve both home and office. Our staff can show how businesses and communities can come together for a more sustainable future.  True sustainability means blending all paths so our great-great-great grand children will inherit a planet that we would be proud of today. Your staff is anxiously awaiting your decision to embrace this path!



True sustainability goes far beyond "green washing" to full circle sustainable production. Where end-of-use recycling folds into raw materials streams and the entire system, including trading partners, is truly sustainable. The thousands of 180 degree turns to make this happen requires an outside expert resource to assist and direct. That is our Team supporting your Team via sustainability consulting.